Saturday, May 1, 2010

Significant Places Exhibition

 Significant Places is a series of landscape and floral paintings that represent the joys and challenges of everyday life. The landscapes are places that exist is the real world and in the imagination.  They are places that I know literally and metaphorically. The floral paintings represent a contrasting point of view or an alternative way of communicating the idea of the landscape.  Perhaps you have also experienced these places.

You can view the exhibition on my pages at the right.  Even better, come to the Galerie de la Ville and see my paintings first hand.

A New Day

 New Day, Miramar Garden

Dawn is my favorite time of day.  There is something fresh and pure about the start of a new day.  The rose in its beauty and innocence is the hope for the day to come.

Florida Beach House #1
I think that there is nothing more sublime then a sunrise over the ocean.  This new day brings both expectations and uncertainty.

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